The Best Electric Longboards

Hello friends. Today I want to talk to you about what I think are the currently the best electric longboards. While reading, keep in mind that the definition of “the best” depends on the goal of the longboard. The best cheap longboard is not going to be as good as some of the more expensive ones. But it is still “the best” for the budget option, and so on.


First before I begin listing the best longboard options I want to give you some information on the two different drive options. You have hub motors, and belt drive. Hub motors are when you have the motors inside the wheel. Belt drive has belts and motors outside of the wheel. Both attain the same goal, to drive your board, but they have a few differences.


There are a few main factors to hub motors.

-Hub motors have much less resistance while pushing than belt driven longboards. This makes it much better for riding normally with no power or if your battery dies.

-Hub motors heat up more due to having poor air flow. This isn’t important over short distances but can be worth keeping in mind if you are going to be putting a lot of stress on your board. Lastly a important factor to note is that

-Hub motors usually accelerate slower. They can still have very good top speeds though


The main differences are already listed above. but in addition, a key aspect to belt drive systems is the belts and wheels themselves. It is possible for belts to break. The difference is these are easily replaced. You can also usually buy wheels that are for electric longboards and are easy to swap out. Hub motors on the other hand if something needs replacing you may need to replace the entire motor wheel unit.


The Blitzart board is super cheap for electric longboard standards. While being the cheapest good electric longboard, it still has some pretty good specs. Its biggest flaw really is that it is only a single hub motor, so it doesnt have as much power as dual hub motor boards. The trade off is that a single hub motor costs less and weighs less, which can be good things.

-Top speed of 17 mph (full charge and depending on your weight, expect a little less if you are larger)

-10 Miles range at full charge (again, varies depending on user size and terrain)

-3.5 inch Wheels for a smooth ride (88.9mm)

-Built in carry handle

The main cons to the Blitzart board are the relatively low range, and speed. These are the tradeoff though of such a low cost, so for its price its still an excellent pick.

Overall the Meepo is a extremely solid board, especially for how low the price tag is.

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The Action Blink S2 is a very premium board for a moderate price. It ranges from around 800-1000 dollars, which is a lot more then the Meepo, but is still a lot cheaper then some of the top end boards. Pretty much how to sum up the reason to buy this board, is that is just feels “premium”. The specs by themselves aren’t really any better than like a Meepo, but the overall experience and the quality feel of the board make it worth the higher price tag if you can afford it.

Theres several reason why this board has a premium feel. The board has a 32 inch by 8.5 inch stiff Canadian maple concave deck. These are very similar to the dimensions of a normal trick skateboard, but the wheels are at the ends of the board so it still has much more space in between the trucks. The rear side of the deck has a small kicktail, which is useful for fast turns and getting over curbs. This small size deck makes it much easier to carry around than a longer board. The wheels are 83mm 78A wheels, so they give a very smooth ride over bumps and cracks in the pavement. The hub motors give extremely low resistance while pushing, so if your batteries die you can easily push around like a normal longboard.

-Top speed of 18 mph

-14 miles maximum range, around 10 on pro mode

-20% incline rate (can ride up 20% grade hills)

-Regenerative breaking (charges battery with breaking)

-Extremely smooth breaking, better than the Meepo

-Very low pushing resistance, great for if your battery runs out

-Canadian maple deck and aircraft grade aluminum

-Small kick tail, sacrifices minimal foot space

-Regenerative breaking (charges battery with breaking)

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The Enertion Raptor 2 is definitely one of the best electric longboards on the market. It is a quality build with very high performance. Its has extremely high speed, being one of the best on the market, and has extremely long range. It has a quality maple and carbon fiber deck that is concave and has a small tail. It has 90mm wheels, which help to glide over more rough pavement. It is pretty heavy, weighing in at 22 pounds, but a large portion of this is the increased battery size that contributes to the amazing performance. And even with a huge battery, it only takes 2 hours to charge.

-30 mph/48 kph top speed

-25 miles / 40 kilometer range

-42 inch maple and carbon fiber deck

-Weighs 22 pounds / 10 kilograms

-2 hour charge time

-90mm wheels

-30% maximum hill grade

-Built in carry handles on the body

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The boosted board is the board that started them all. Although it is a name brand board, which makes its performance to cost ratio a little worse, it still has some good perks. With Boosted Board, you know you are getting a good reputable board that wont be breaking on you any time soon. One of the main pro’s of the Boosted over the Raptor 2 is that it weights only 15 pounds, compared to the raptors 22. This makes it easier to carry around when you cant ride it. It also has a very nice flexible deck, compared to the Raptor’s stiff one. This gives a very smooth ride through town. It comes with two batteries, a lighter one for short distance and a larger one for enhanced 15 mile range.

-22 mph top speed

-15 miles maximum range with included larger battery

-25% maximum hill grade

-15 pounds weight

-super flexible deck for comfortable riding

-Regenerative breaking (charges battery with breaking)

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All of these are good good boards, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. It all just comes down to what your goal is. If you are on a Budget you cant go wrong with the Meepo. The Blink S2 is fantastic for if you have a higher but still limited budget. The Boosted is a very good high end board for commuting, being easy to transport and giving a smooth ride while being easy to carry around when you cant ride it. And lastly, the Raptor 2 is king for performance, giving the longest distance, and highest speeds, while being slightly harder to carry around if you need to.


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