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The Best Electric Longboards

Hello friends. Today I want to talk to you about what I think are the currently the best electric longboards. While reading, keep in mind that the definition of “the best” depends on the goal of the longboard. The best cheap longboard is not going to be as good as some of the more expensive ones. But it is still “the best” for the budget option, and so on.

HUB MOTORS VS BELT DRIVEFirst before I begin listing the best longboard options I want to give you some information on the two different drive options. You have hub motors, and belt drive. Hub motors are when you have the motors inside the wheel. Belt drive has belts and motors outside of the wheel. Both attain the same goal, to drive your board, but they have a few differences.

HUB MOTORS  There are a few main factors to hub motors.

-Hub motors have much less resistance while pushing than belt driven longboards. This makes it much better for riding normally with no power or if your battery dies.

-Hub motors heat up more due to having po…